Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Making your life better since...2009

So as you may (or most likely may not) have noticed, I haven't exactly updated my blog lately. There are multiple reasons for this treachery, including, but not limited to:

My life is really busy. Really.
I'm not thinking any new thoughts.
I have no new insights.
Nothing new is happening in my life. Just the same old busy stuff.
I stopped being inspired.

In summary, no one wants to hear me complain about the same things over and over. Just because I'm freaking out about life doesn't mean that everyone else needs to suffer. So, just to recap:

I don't hate you, or even blogging, I'm just thinking about the same things all the time and don't want to annoy people for rehashing it.* So, now that you realize the marvelous gift I have bestowed on you, feel free to be grateful. Just me, y'know, making your life better.

*Also, an apology to C and to my poor mother, who I have not ceased rehashing life to.

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