Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I like my title's to be cliche

So I've decided that I don't have hobbies. No, really. I'm sure I used to have them--but they seem to have gone the way of everything else in my life. I've decided that if I were to use calculus to find the current value of my hobbies it would look something like this:

I know. I'm a geek. I just graphed my own hobbies. It just sort of tells you something right there.

I don't even know what my hobbies used to be. I mean, I did sports--so I guess that was it. Anyway. The moral of the story is sometimes I end up with time on my hands and nothing to do with it. I'll have finished my schoolwork for the forseeable future, and then if I don't have something to occupy my mind with I tend to stress about life. It's ironically when I'm busy that my life is stress free. So I've decided I need some new hobbies. Something that occupies my hands and mind for variable lengths of time between my required activities. This is me asking for input. If you have any good hobbies let me know!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stuck in Neutral

Caresse likes to call what I did today being a "Totally Lazy Slacker-Bum"... maybe it's just what I am y'know??

So today, I had every intention of being productive. No, really. I had it all planned out and everything. I was going to wake up at 9:30, eat breakfast, shower, do lots of homework. Ward activity, bridal shower, suprise birthday party etc.

As Monk says, "this is what really happened..." : so I woke up at 8:30, had some breakfast, then decided to snuggle under the covers because my apartment was cold and I was already an hour ahead of schedule. I promptly dozed off and woke up a few times, finally shoving myself out of bed at 9:45. At this point I decided to do my finance assignment due Monday, then organized my time for the next week. This was my fatal mistake. I realized that I could get away with not doing any more homework for the rest of the weekend. And so I didn't. Have I ever mentioned how fabulous I am at rationalizing?? I did shower. But instead I read one of my favorite books, Paul Fussell's "Class: A guide through the American Status System." It's pretty fun; I'm a fan. The residual effect was that I spent the bulk of my day reading on Wikipedia and listening to iTunes. Followed by drooling over $400 silk scarves and 5-digit birkin bags. Btw, Hermes has a really slow website. Just in case anyone was wondering.

I should really go to that suprise party. My logic for skipping the other stuff was it was really cold and pouring down rain outside. Not exactly my favorite combo. I suppose the other reason was I really needed to work things out in my head. There's a lot of confusion going on up there right now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blame it on the Weatherman

I've realized that I talk about the weather more than almost anyone I know. I know it's the cliche topic from like movies and books, but you know what... it really works. You can talk about the weather with just about anyone. And I do. I also spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the weather. Whenever nothing else is going on (especially if I'm outside) I find myself thinking about weather. Today I decided that my perspective on the weather is not exactly what one would call normal; but hey--I grew up in Seattle, so it's not all my fault right??

So this morning I woke up, went to class lah-dee-dah. Came out of class to walk home to an abysmally grey sky. Like, we're talking the sky is falling grey. And the rain. Did I mention the rain?? So as I walked home, I could have been feeling more than slightly irritated... after all, I was wearing my suede clogs; and my jeans drag on the ground so they end up being wet up to my knees; not to mention the fact that my hair was drenched so I would have to shower and blow it dry inorder to look normal again.

Instead, when I walked outside I got that dopey little grin I sometimes have and thought, "mmm, home." As I passed my people walking to campus they probably thought I was slightly crazy. As everyone is probably a little bit grumpy and annoyed--I'm grinning at greyness. I tend to think of it as more of a toddler's security blanket. The sky wraps me up in it's grey little arms. I am home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The super-sleuth's are on the case!

Yes. I went there. I just quoted one of my nephew's favorite tv shows "My friends Tigger and Pooh". But that's cool.

So, somewhere in Provo there is a smell that is out to get me. I realize this sounds paranoid, and lets face it--it probably is, but somehow every morning I wake up and I am free from scent. I come home in the afternoon and I smell like I've been in some smoker's bar somewhere. Or at least have been camping for the last two solid weeks. My roommate seems pretty sure that it smells like fire smoke--which lets be honest is waaay better than people thinking I keep a stash of weed in my back pocket :)

A few weird things though:
1. the smell only affects my hair; not my clothes (although I have smelled it on other people's clothes)
2. the source has to be something I just walk by, but how on earth does my hair absorb smells that fast??
3. some days it's totally fine and I don't smell like smoke at all. But I didn't go anywhere or do anything different.

My next course of action will be to walk to campus different ways on different days to eliminate that as a source of the smoke. Hopefully I can solve it soon. I'm pretty sure Caresse is tired of smelling my hair for me all the time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am ashamed

Okay, so maybe I have more to say than I originally thought I did; but hey, anyone who ever told you I didn't have opinions was either lying or selling something.

So, I just finished an assignment for my finance class listing my assets. So, basically if I found out tomorrow that I was broke, I don't need to worry!! I could feed myself for a year if I could sell my DVD collection for $5 each (actually, I admit I made the assumption I could sell my LOTR extended editions for $10 each). yes. really. Maybe 2 if I survived on spagettios, scrambled eggs, and like powdered milk or something. I guess that tells you something about my priorities--you don't want to know how long I could eat if I sold my clothing.

If only someone would buy my iTunes music collection. I could last out the decade.

I have succumbed

Despite any and all protests to the alternative--it's official--I have a blog. I suppose if for no other reason than to get people to stop asking me. Maybe they'll realize that my life really is this boring:

We had a three day weekend--which is marvelous, and yet somehow I still don't have enough time to get everything done. Saturday I made aebelskiver for breakfast. If you don't know what they are... you should be publicly flogged. But to forestall any unfortunate encounters you may have (and so you look all ethnic and knowledgeable) aebelskiver (eb-ell-skii-ver) are danish in origin, and they are basically pancake balls that you can open and fill with different things. I prefer butter and sugar. Fresh strawberries are good too. I call them danish pancake balls full of delight and goodness. Because they are. Then, I spent the bulk of the day writing a talk about parables (which I then delivered on sunday) apparantly it was fantastic. But that's only if you belive all the people at church who congratulate you for doing anything in church. But I guess it's better to hear your friends telling you you did good things than having people avoid you because they don't want to have to lie to your face :)

Saturday night we re-arranged the furniture in the living room. It is wonderful. No lie. I walk into the room everyday and it's like a breath of fresh air. I'll have to take a picture and post it. We should have done a before and after. Frankly, anything is an improvement. I believe on Friday I referred to our living room as "the anti-thesis of good design". Not to be melo-dramatic or anything.

I made a cake yesterday. It was funfetti and it was delicious. I was slightly ridiculous and I didn't get all the homework done that I needed too. But I guess we all have our priorities, and mine yesterday happened to be concurrent with a Wii.