Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I like my title's to be cliche

So I've decided that I don't have hobbies. No, really. I'm sure I used to have them--but they seem to have gone the way of everything else in my life. I've decided that if I were to use calculus to find the current value of my hobbies it would look something like this:

I know. I'm a geek. I just graphed my own hobbies. It just sort of tells you something right there.

I don't even know what my hobbies used to be. I mean, I did sports--so I guess that was it. Anyway. The moral of the story is sometimes I end up with time on my hands and nothing to do with it. I'll have finished my schoolwork for the forseeable future, and then if I don't have something to occupy my mind with I tend to stress about life. It's ironically when I'm busy that my life is stress free. So I've decided I need some new hobbies. Something that occupies my hands and mind for variable lengths of time between my required activities. This is me asking for input. If you have any good hobbies let me know!

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  1. well, the hobbie that I have right now is bloging. It is pretty much the only thing I have time for. I can sit down and do it for a few minutes at a time. What I am going to be starting up again is sewing and scrapbooking. But there is always cross stiching, crocheing, knitting, and those sorts of things. Drawing, People watching (depending on where you are). I will write more when I think of them.