Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The super-sleuth's are on the case!

Yes. I went there. I just quoted one of my nephew's favorite tv shows "My friends Tigger and Pooh". But that's cool.

So, somewhere in Provo there is a smell that is out to get me. I realize this sounds paranoid, and lets face it--it probably is, but somehow every morning I wake up and I am free from scent. I come home in the afternoon and I smell like I've been in some smoker's bar somewhere. Or at least have been camping for the last two solid weeks. My roommate seems pretty sure that it smells like fire smoke--which lets be honest is waaay better than people thinking I keep a stash of weed in my back pocket :)

A few weird things though:
1. the smell only affects my hair; not my clothes (although I have smelled it on other people's clothes)
2. the source has to be something I just walk by, but how on earth does my hair absorb smells that fast??
3. some days it's totally fine and I don't smell like smoke at all. But I didn't go anywhere or do anything different.

My next course of action will be to walk to campus different ways on different days to eliminate that as a source of the smoke. Hopefully I can solve it soon. I'm pretty sure Caresse is tired of smelling my hair for me all the time.

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