Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am ashamed

Okay, so maybe I have more to say than I originally thought I did; but hey, anyone who ever told you I didn't have opinions was either lying or selling something.

So, I just finished an assignment for my finance class listing my assets. So, basically if I found out tomorrow that I was broke, I don't need to worry!! I could feed myself for a year if I could sell my DVD collection for $5 each (actually, I admit I made the assumption I could sell my LOTR extended editions for $10 each). yes. really. Maybe 2 if I survived on spagettios, scrambled eggs, and like powdered milk or something. I guess that tells you something about my priorities--you don't want to know how long I could eat if I sold my clothing.

If only someone would buy my iTunes music collection. I could last out the decade.

1 comment:

  1. all i can say is your boring life is way more interesting than my boring life. not that i'm competetive or anything... join the club, i'm the president!