Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starting out on a Journey

Well, its official.  I am a brand new me.

And just like the actually-dead Romanov princess, I find myself heading out into an unknown future, full of promise, possibility, and probably a lot of adventure.  Because, after all, whats a journey without a little bit of adventure?  And if I happen to defeat an undead ex-orthodox priest on the way, then so much the better.

Within the space of 14 days I found a brand new, full-time, year-round job, purchased my first car (totally by myself), and found somewhere new to live.  Crazy, eh?  I'm not feeling snarky today--which is a shame, I think I do my best writing when I'm snarky--so you'll just have to let an ordinary update suffice without my biting wit.

And can I just say that I found a job in my major, which is incredibly ironic because I never expected to actually work within my degree.  But its kind of actually my dream job.  Basically I sit on the computer all day rearranging furniture and picking out textiles in CAD and CET.

My car is a 2006 Mercury Mariner.  He's blue.  And I like to call him Ichiro, or Ichi for short.  Hes not so much a baseball player as he is Seattle's current favorite Mariner.

I thought about changing the name of my blog, because I am, currently, at a destination.  But I guess the thing about a journey is when one finishes, it always seems to mark the beginning of the next.  When are we not on a journey of some kind?  But ultimately I decided that "Finally Arriving at a Temporary Destination With the Intent to Relocate in 2-5 Years" just didn't have quite the same ring to it.

So here I am in Anchorage.

Consider yourself in the loop.

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  1. Love it! Love you! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks when I get back there... by then, I'll be a married lady! Eeek! Glad you're sticking around, though. I like our adventures to keep us close by.