Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Go to Extremes

Sometimes I feel like Billy Joel exists solely to teach life lessons to twenty and thirty somethings who are graduating to lite-rock from their alternative, metal, or emo pasts.  Lessons like: life will be more enjoyable if you seduce young catholic girls (Only the Good Die Young), have massive mood swings (I go to Extremes), and are declared legally insane (You May be Right).

But me and good old Billy have that in common at least.  I wouldn't necessarily call myself dramatic... (yes I realize that others definitely would) but I am willing to admit that perhaps I am prone to extremes.  It's like someone once told me that it's unacceptable to have an ambivalent reaction to things--I must either love it or hate it.  So I have a laundry list of things that I "hate" that honestly I just really couldn't care less about.

Curiously (but not really surprisingly--because it is after all a documented psychological phenomenon)  I find that the more these things come up, and the more I have to defend my position of distaste, the more I actually really do dislike it.  So basically I have convinced myself to dislike such innocuous things as:

Monkeys (I really do not like them.  They are the worst.  And I have no good reason.)
Windows 7
Florida.  The entire state.  And everything associated with it.  Nothing good has come from there.
Professional Sports
The UW... and WaSU, Florida and Florida State, USC, MSU and UM... and Ohio?  Holy Cow I hate a lot of colleges. (arguably I can blame some of my sports preferences on my Dad, but since I'm just sort of stealing his opinions I still can't successfully argue why I think the way that I do)
Masks.  They actually seriously freak me out.  I blame that book I read when I was 7.
The PAC 10
Anne Hathaway
Also Cats (arguably a good reason)
My Floral Design professor... I mean she was annoying... but really no good reason.
A Walk to Remember

These are all opposed to things I actually dislike for good reasons:

Stomach aches (Why don't we just call them stomaches?  I think it would save at least four keystrokes.  Time I could be spending on things like blinking. Or rolling my eyes.)
Playing that Clue/Telephone/Charades game I'm terrible at.
Playing really any kind of circle game where someone is on the spot.  They're terrible.
Kyle Whittingham.  And his Football team.  Toss up.

At least opinions make life interesting I guess.

On the other side I've also convinced myself that I absolutely love things for no good reason.  Things like Russia, European Monarchical History, the 80s, and Duke University.  And Wednesdays.  No good reason... but I think they're great

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