Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's that time of year

Admittedly, "that time of year" is essentially over in Alaska... but that doesn't stop me from loving it.

Fall is unquestionably my favorite season.  There is just something a little bit magical about those clear crisp skies and crunchy leaves, something that just feels right.  I'm pretty sure it was my favorite thing about living in Michigan.  Especially going on those long cross-country runs that ended at the cider mill.  Can anyone really top fresh cider and hot, home-made donuts?  I submit that they cannot!


The clothes are even better!  You get to wear all those wonderful sweaters and jackets and layers... not to mention the beautiful colors.  All those over-saturated jewel tones paired with neutral wool and tweed that show up this season.
It's pretty freaking fantastic eh?

I think I've decided it's my goal in life to one day live somewhere with an extended fall--the longer the better.  Like Vermont.  Maybe.

Other fantastic things that Fall reminds me I'm obsessed with:

Caramel-apple cheesecake bars (seriously, these are like the best things ever)


Jumping in piles of leaves--did you know that the first time I remember jumping in a pile of leaves was our first fall in Michigan?  I was 12.
Horses, and barns of course--you ought to know those go hand in hand

New England... and also the northeast.  There is something about that area that has always felt just a little bit magical to me.

Heavy wool coats (especially in bright colors!)

Cowboy boots

I will go out of my way to jump on a crunchy-looking leaf

Leather knee-high boots (actually, this is more of a year-round sort of thing)
Running.  I don't know that I'll ever lose the whole cross-country association.



Pumpkin bread (and cookies!)

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