Thursday, August 23, 2012

Constantly Changing

Well.  Actually just math.  Which is lucky because I am a disaster in a science lab.  Just ask C.  So hold on to your turkeys kids, this one's going to be wild.

I'm not sure if I thought math made more sense when I compared it to life, or if life made more sense when I compared it to math, but either way helps me understand things better.

Every equation in math has factors, sometimes they are variables, sometimes constants, but an equation can't balance out unless the variable and constants agree on the answer.  Barring weird versions of math that don't count (hah! math counts :) ... yeah), when 2x=10 then the variable x is 5 based on the constants of 2 and 10.  But an equation with too many variables and not enough constants becomes difficult to solve for.  You can't arrive at numerical values for your variables in 2x+y=z.  Not enough known values.  So you end up with things like x=(y-z)/2 and y=z-2x.  No matter what they affect each other and the results, but you need more information to arrive at a numerical answer.

Life is the same way.  Some things in life are constant.  My family, my belief in God, the fact that I'm moving to Seattle next week, and knowing that I can still be friends with a handful of people that I don't live close to.  Right now, pretty much everything else is variables.  Am I going to like my apartment, will I make friends, will I like my new job, am I going to date someone in WA, am I going to date someone from AK, when will I have a dog, is my new company going to decide I am the worst designer ever and they shouldn't have hired me?  So many variables to solve for, and not enough constants.

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  1. Can I just say how happy I am that you're writing on your blog again? I'm really happy :) Good luck in Seattle!