Saturday, October 24, 2009

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

Well, I can't say that it was all bad. I mean, I did lots of sleeping, lots of giggling, watched more movies than I'm going to count, and didn't do a stitch of homework the entire week. Also I drank two gallons of orange juice over 3 days. Thats a lot of OJ. Between getting home form work tuesday night, I didn't leave the apartment again until friday afternoon to go briefly to the testing center. Wednesday I didn't really even leave my bedroom.

It's called the flu, see. It starts the first morning with a sore throat and terrible aching joints. By the end of the first day you're delirious with fever and your muscles feel like jello. Day two is the eye of the storm. The worst of the fever is gone, but now there's that residual that goes between chills and being way too hot. And the smokers cough. I can do a smoker's cough like nobody's business. You feel somehow that getting up to answer the door is too much energy. Really the only coherent thoughts are for orange juice and sleep. In the mean time, netflix is on in the background. Mostly because it takes you forever to fall asleep, and you go crazy sitting still with nothing to occupy your brain. Unfortunately, the flu gives you ADD. You can't even handle watching short animated movies for children. The plots moves too slowly, you're bored with a scene before it even starts. You watch the first 7 minutes of lots of things. And lots of things all the way through with your eyes closed. Closed eyes help the brain to focus in these trying times.

Thursday night you may be lucky enough to get a text message letting you know that someone from your group from two years ago is dead. And you're sad, not so much for your loss, you move on, you always do, but you're sad for his loss. So many things that won't happen for him. But he sure knew how to live. Life was something that never just passed by for him. He wasn't just waiting until the 'next thing'; every moment was an experience. And you didn't shed a tear. You wanted to. Tried even. But it just wouldn't come, and for the master crier, thats sort of a bit odd. But crying wasn't right for him.

It's just another moment. Experience it.

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  1. So who is this that you got the text about? I hope that you are felling better. Did your teachers ever get back to you? How is that coing to work? Did you go to the game on Saturday? Let me know how things are going.

    Love ya.