Sunday, March 27, 2011

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here*

Like a bad made-for-TV-natural-disaster movie, crisis has struck the world.  With the 8.9* earthquake that hit Japan a few days ago--anything could happen.  Including the explosion of a Nuclear Reactor that was damaged during the quake.

Why is it always Japan?

Out of the Nuclear Disasters that have hit our planet, I'm pretty sure about half were in Japan.  With 10-story lizards, mecha-suit teams, and magical girls already rampaging about the city--do they really need another source of destruction?  The very thorough research says no.

Perhaps because of all their experience with their cities being destroyed by uncontrollable sources*, the Japanese people have shown the world order and calm in the midst of chaos.  If this same event had occurred in the US, I can only imagine the riots that would break out as we panicked.  Because we're Americans--thats what we do.  We think about ourselves and panic.

And now we've all convinced ourselves that nuclear fallout is coming and we have to take those silly pills.  As a preventative measure.

Really people?  Iodine?  That chemical can seriously mess you up.  Yes, if the worst happens it theoretically can help protect your thyroid.  But it's not something to be taken preventatively.  Yikes.

Maybe it's a generational thing.  I didn't grow up thinking in terms of bomb shelters, or that the ability to duck and cover under a nearby desk would save me.  I grew up with the knowledge of thousands of farmers getting cancer because they weren't informed of the fallout.  Think of it as a silent killer.  Stealthy, patient.  Takes its time but always gets the target.  Like a really well-trained ninja.  Not to mention the fact that if Nuclear fallout happens, there isn't much anyone can do.  About anything.

But if you want to feel better about nuclear arms--look no further:

Consider me an official attendee of the: March to Keep Fear Alive

3/23 Update:  Good news America--the threat continues to dwindle.  You can stop with the whole rape, pillage, and plunder act.  (Why is it that in times of crisis its always called 'looting' and not stealing?)  At least for that whole nuclear thing.  But we may be just in time to start sharpening our pitchforks about the energy crisis.  Be prepared to join your local angry mob at a moment's notice.  I hear the plan is to take down local gas stations.

*Yes, that was a condemnation to Dante's 7th Circle
*Note: not a 9.0.  As a lover of integers, even numbers, and over-exaggeration, you can imagine how this must be killing me.  But technically the difference between the two is exponential, not .1.  To put it in perspective: the earthquake (8.9) rocked the earth at a force of approximately 380 megatons--the atomic bomb that struck Nagasaki (6.06) had a force of .021 megatons.  Just something to think about.  
*or because their entire society is built on the value of the many over the value of the one.  Y'know, either way.

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