Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working is futile

So, I made an unfortunate discovery today. Even if I got a 4.0 every semester for the rest of college, my GPA would only go up 0.04. Lame, eh? It sort of makes trying seem worthless. Especially since I would have to try really hard to lose my scholarship. Just about the only thing convincing me to keep working hard (other than the fact that I would hate myself later if I didn't) is my ultimate goal of graduating summa cum laude. Which has no dividends really. And it's really sort of an ambiguous goal in that I have no idea what GPA I need to have to get there. So basically the only reason I'm trying in college is for intrinsic reasons. So thats a good thing right? I'm learning for my own reasons and not for the number it gives me.

I feel liberated.

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