Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The sun is shining, the tank is clean...

Today has been wonderful. I had the most stressful week ever last week, and looking at my planner, this one was going to be even worse.

I spent the weekend in Idaho. I saw my niece get blessed. She is absolutely adorable in my calm objective opinion. I got to spend time with my sister and brother in law. My parents flew in and picked me up, so it was really good to spend time with them just talking in the car. I always learn all kinds of things when I'm riding in cars. I also got to play with my nephew Josh. He is almost 21 months now and still as cute as ever. He finally got around to calling me Eminie. But hey, Aunt Stephanie is a hard thing to say. Heck. It's a mouthfull even for me! It was pretty adorable. In fact, the only bad thing about the weekend (other than of course missing my roommates :) ) was that the kid gave me cold. Well, or it could have been my Dad. Either way. I got sick. At least my brain isn't fuzzy anymore--just a naggy cough that gets worse the more I talk. I would post some pictures from the weekend but I don't have any. I'll have to wait for Julie to post them on photobucket. Josh was pretty funny. Especially when the little tyrant decided I needed to sit in the diaper box and dad needed to push me around the living room. I was laughing so hard I was barely standing, meanwhile the kid just has his hands upraised going, "why do you think this is funny?" What a wonderful little boy.

So I got back monday afternoon instead of sunday night because my sister gave me a sob story about wanting to see us longer. I caved, because lets face it--I would do the same thing in her place. So I got back to a brand new couch! It is fabulous. Our old one is broken so they finally replaced it. It's chocolate brown, microsuede, and appears to be very nappable. Lovely. And this means we have a totally burnable couch. So we called our friend from last year (of bonfire fame) and told him we had a couch to burn and thought of him. He told us that he already had three ready to go and when they we're going to burn them he'd let us know. Oh sammy sam sam.

So I went through my regular stuff and wrote up a schedule of my assignments for the coming week. I thought I was going to die. I went to my bidding and estimating class (which has a huge project due thursday I wasn't able to start yet) and at the start of class a girl raises her hand and asks greg when the project is due. Because the syllabus says thursday, but when he gave it to us last tuesday he said we had two weeks, which would mean next tuesday it would be due. He just sort of stared at us for a minute and then the whole class hops in with back up info trying to convince him. We continued in friendly banter for the next few minutes (thats the great thing about upper level classes when everyone is on a first name basis with the professor) including things like him telling us that he tells his children the syllabus is a contract; to which we replied that we didn't sign anything. He also said that if he extended, we'd just work on it on monday. Some kid pipes up saying yeah, well, we're just going to work on it wednesday. Greg just stares at us for a minute and we sit anxiously. Finally he just says that it's due tuesday. We applauded. I don't think I have felt that relieved in a very long time. Because now I can just do my normal semi-stressful schedule during the week, and work on my quantity take-off all day saturday.


And the weather today was fantastic. It was the epitome of march for me. The high was in the mid 60's (yes, that's a six) and there was this fabulous strong wind, not breeze--wind, that is only acceptable during march... or while sailing. The sun was shining. It was wonderful. The only thing that could have made it a better march day is a track meet. Because I will always associate that weather with sitting out and waiting for my race. And then the cherry on top of today is I went for ice cream with one of my very best guy friends. He makes me happy and I'm glad he's my friend.


  1. So that is very exciting about the couch. I'm glad that you could come and visit. Josh really enjoyed you all. It is Wednesday and he is still asking where you all went.

    You will have to tell me who this guy friend is. Is it anyone I know, anyone who could be more than a friend? :)

    Love you!!

  2. well, tell the kid I said "hi". He's pretty cool.

    When are you going to load the pictures onto photobucket?