Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time in a Bottle

I'll take a lifetime supply. I would also like the directions on the back to read:

Unscrew lid.
Enjoy 3 hours of additional time.
Please recycle.

I've realized recently that as time goes on, the faster it seems to move. I remember in Elementary school when we would have summer vacation and it would seem years long. Yet these last three months have disappeared in no time at all. Perhaps it is because as we age the proportion of any given time with the length of life we have enjoyed gets smaller and smaller. So the time seems to go faster and faster. Or maybe it's because when we get older and have more responsibilities we have more benchmarks of time. It goes quickly because we dread that deadline in late April, and thinking of the deadline makes us remember that we have a family function the week after that, and when we get home it's just in time for another deadline; and so on until all of a sudden you're anticipating the middle of September and letting your life race past you without so much as a tip of the hat.

It makes life just a little bit less meaningful. Slow down. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy the sky and the landscape (or cityscape) around you. Think of others first. Stop dreading life. Reminisce.

Take chances! Make mistakes! Watch... the magic school bus?

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